This Month's Meeting: Get the right light, with LIGHT MODIFIERS

Norman Wolf, CPP, will lead a discussion and demonstration on the use of Light Modifiers. This fast moving program will cover a wide range of lighting from bare bulb to highly stylized fashion lighting. With a live model in a studio setting, we will explore various lighting techniques starting from a simple single light setup and building up to complex multi light arrangements.

Norman Wolf / Wolf Creek Images

We will demonstrate the effect of several light modifiers and how they can improve the quality of light for your exposures. Along the way, we will also touch on related subjects including light ratios, lighting setups and the use of a light meter. These lighting modifiers and techniques can be used in the studio, at a reception or on the beach, and they will certainly improve your photography.

Hope you will join us at the Crab Island Cantina on Tuesday, November 27th at 6pm. Please RSVP and see you there!