New Tool for Testing Studio Lighting Setups

A new tool called Virtual Lighting Studio has just entered beta with the goal to allow photographers to virtually test different lighting combinations and placements in the comfort of their web browser.

Visitors are presented with a 3D head and shoulders ready for lighting. There are a number of options to choose from including bare strobe, softbox, ring light and ambient light. Once a type of light is chosen, there are options for gel color, exposure value, light placement controls for up to 6 lights.

While experimenting with different light placements, it is easy to conveniently switch between the 3D model and a diagram of relative height, distance, intensity and placement of each light by clicking on the small window in the top left corner.

Once a good look has been achieved, it can be saved temporarily by clicking on one of the 8 boxes to the right where multiple looks can be quickly switched between.

Link: Virtual Lighting Studio

Article by Jon Deckert