Attention PPA ImagingUSA attendees

For those who may have purchased product for "use" in your studio (i.e. you're not going to re-sell it)  from the PPA trade show, please note that you need to pay Florida sales tax of 6% if you were not charged for it at the time of sale. "Use" items are things like camera brackets, flashes, backdrops, strobes, equipment, etc., stuff you'll use to conduct business. These are taxable items.

However, canvas, frames, albums, or anything that you will re-sell are not part of this group subject to the "Use" tax and are taxed at the time of sale to the client.

So where do you put this number? You include the taxable amount on your monthly or quarterly DRXX form on line 3 Taxable Sales/Purchases, as it is bundled with your other sales numbers. Keep careful records. The state is short of revenue and they're thirsty.

As you know by now, I'm not a tax accountant and do not play on on TV, so confirm your own understandings of these matters. However, a tutorial from the Department of Revenue on how to file this can be found by clicking here: link

Thank you to our friend Marty Grivjack, FPP Delegate for this information