Help-Portrait: December 7th


Today, December 6th starting at 11 am at Catholic Charities in Fort Walton Beach, we will be setting up lights and equipment so anyone that wants to help out with that and see the lighting formulas that we will be shooting with is welcome to join. We will be using 3 shooting stations so we will go through the procedures 3 time with different people leading. A great opportunity to see how to do studio set ups on location or just to see how others set up.

Catholic Charities is providing the space for tomorrow's shoot and will be lining up family groups (each of which includes 1 or more people).  They will also be providing a cookout with food for the families and for volunteers.  They are also in contact with Northwest Florida Daily News and WEAR ABC TV in hopes of having the event covered by media. We will be providing 8x10 prints (or 8x10 sheets with multiple prints) of each family.  We will also provide digital files of images to each family, if possible. 

Tomorrow we will be shooting in shifts and everyone that wants to shoot will get the opportunity.  We will also need a few well versed at Lightroom to assist in editing and printing portraits. Volunteering will be divided into shifts: 9am-11:30am, 11am-2:00pm and 1:30pm - 3:30pm 

Please contact Mari ( or Cathy ( to let us know which shift you prefer.

Sign up for the event here