This Month: Lissa Hatcher (3.19.13)

Conceptual photography is an easy concept to get right...come up with an idea and shoot it...if only it were that easy. This month, we will be presenting Award Winning Photographer Lissa Hatcher to make conceptual photography attainable.

Do you feel uninspired and wish you could be more creative? Want out of that box you have been hiding in? Client to art may not be as hard as you think. Get a better connection with your client while finding your inner artist!

Learn not only how to interview your client to get the ideas you have been looking for, but how to apply them and find new clients in the process. We will also have a look at the pieces and parts of a conceptual piece! Come play with Lissa in her world of fantasy. Bring your notebooks and your imagination!

Location: Crab Island Cantina

Date and time: March 19th, 2013

Cost: $19 for current members and $39 for non-members.

Coming for a long line of artist and writers, Lissa has made her mark with commissioned art pieces being voted “Hottest New Talent” by American Photo Magazine, “Best New Artist” at SWPPA, and Photographer of the Year Year after Year, winning many Fuji and Kodak awards. She has been published many times in magazines, the PPA Loan Collection and PPA Showcase Book and has even been honored with a Kodak Elite award. With her first photographic goal out of the way of receiving her Master of Photography in only three years, she is on to her next goal of writing and illustrating a children's book!

Lissa lives in Tampa, Florida, and continues her pursuit of surrealistic portraiture, creating tailored pieces for her unique portrait and commercial clients.

Check out more of Lissa's work through her website at

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