Intro to DSLR video with Kevin Almodovar

This month's meeting:

Tuesday August 26th, 6pm to 9pm at Pepitos in Destin

Social HOUR from 6 to 7

Great time to order food, network and swap stories from your busy summer.

Don't forget to bring a print for our monthly Print Competition! Just bring at least an 8 x 10 from a recent shoot that you are proud of and you will have a chance to win!

Starting at 7

Intro to DSLR Video with Kevin Almodovar

These days most of our DSLRs are capable of more than just photography but if you haven't delved into the video function before it can seem intimidating to explore. 

To aid in making sure that incorporating video into your business or personal use will be a little easier, we will be welcoming Kevin Almodovar of Revive Media Services to discuss:    

    •    Gear that will aid your video to have stability or motion on 
         your terms
    •    Camera settings and modifiers 
    •    Types of lighting to enhance the look of your video
    •    Importance and methods for capturing sound
    •    Methods of editing and combining your video footage after you've 
        captured it.

It should be great introduction if you have ever considered adding video to your toolbox.

We look forward to seeing everyone after a busy summer!