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Notice: New location for our meeting

Pepitos located at 757 Harbor Blvd in Destin, FL 32541

From 5 to 6 pm:

Doing Business in the State of Florida

Norman Wolf.JPG

What you don’t know and what you think you know! 

These can be two different things and a bit confusing when it comes to setting up your photography business in the State of Florida. Norman Wolf, CPP and MBA, will lead an educational program for those who are just getting started or expanding their professional photography business.  Norm, along with guests from the county and the state, will provide valuable information and resources to help you:

Topics will include:

  • Get your business licenses
  • Collect and pay Sales Taxes
  • Create and register your company, including Limited Liability Corporation and Fictitious Name (DBA)
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN)
  • Insurance, including equipment, mal-practice and liability

Come on out early for a program that promises to be interesting and informative.

Don't forget to bring a recent print for our Friendly Print Competition!
Only rules: It must be a photo you are proud of, wanting to share and printed at least 8 x 10. 

From 6 to 9 pm:

Rae Leytham Our Journey to Luxury Weddings

Rae and Wesley Leytham photographed their 1st wedding for $250 as a favor for a friend, not knowing it would lead to a business that would change their lives forever.

For the first time, they will share their story from the beginning. With over 300 weddings in their portfolio, they will inspire you to take your business to the next level while also giving some insight into the luxury wedding market.

Topics to be covered include: 

  • Surviving a business with small children
  • What inspires them the most
  • Techniques & philosophies that made their business successful
  • Lessons they learned the hard way
  • How to make unappealing locations look amazing

They will also share photos from private weddings that have never been seen by the public and show how they work together at events to achieve their success.